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Our Vessel


Each year literally hundreds of students embark on Marine and Maritime Studies at Newman Senior Technical College. The addition of the XLCR to Newman's Marine Facilities is a tremendous benefit for these students for many years to come.

History of XLCR

A team effort

The restoration of the XLCR has been a true community project. Lead by Mr Warren Bridge (Marine Faculty Co-ordinator), the refit commenced in December 2004.
Over the ensuing 4 years and 8 months, a great many of the College's trade students worked alongside a loyal team of dedicated volunteers coordinated by Mr Sandy Wilkinson, Project Manager.

New Picture of XLCR

This band of retired men, each an expert in his own trade, willingly gave of their time to pass on valuable skills to a new generation of tradesmen. The volunteers listed below applied their expertise to the work necessary to bring the XLCR back into service with commitment and passion.

  • Sandy Wilkinson
  • Jim Meldrum
  • Reg Angel
  • Ted Purcell
  • Bob Lineham
  • Bob Garner
  • Ron Bridge
  • John Drewitt
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